Specializing in the evaluation of bone health, osteoporosis prevention
and, when necessary, the treatment of osteoporosis.

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Cedar Valley Bone Health Institute will screen for bone health problems and offer complete treatment and prevention options. In a single day visit, patients will have a DXA scan performed, have the scan read by a Certified Clinical Densitometrist, consult with a bone health specialist about preventive and restorative treatment options, and begin treatment.

News / Coming Events

Bone Health Information Talks/Programs
Nurse Practitioner Katie Bries will present to your church group or other club or organization in the Cedar Valley Area, at a mutually convenient time and place. Dr Ginther is also available at times

CME Presentation
Allen College Nurse Practitioner - Residency Week

Katie Bries, ARNP, will teach the Bone Health Section on Wednesday 9 April, 2014, at Allen College, Waterloo, IA

Conferences Attended
Jay Ginther, MD attended the Joint 2014 Annual Meeting of the International Societ for Clinical Densitometry and the International Osteoporosis Foundation 20-22 February 2014

Katie Bries, NP and Jay Ginther, MD will attend the National Osteoporosis Foundation 2014 International Symposium of Osteoporosis 23-26 April 2014

Jay Ginther, MD will attend the American Society for Bone & Mineral Research Annual Meeting 12-16 September, 2014

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